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Lewis Strategic
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Lewis Strategic - Start 2 Launch
After advising hundreds of start-up companies, Lewis Strategic developed, Start 2 Launch modules to provide strong and immediate value to aspiring companies, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and economic development groups.  Our team is a collection of professionals with experiences, connections and resources to position your organization for success.  

The Start:  We turn your ideas into a Business Plan.   A business plan brings your ideas into focus, direction and action. Through a strong business plan, your idea will be positioned for your initial investment pitches to friends, family and angel investors.  Your business plan will help position you to make your first sales pitches to potential clients and users.  

At Lewis Strategic to get your idea moving toward a business plan, we work with you to quickly develop an Executive Summary to provide a framework and scoping-mechanism for the business plan.  We synthesize your ideas onto paper, and directs your attentions to important business matters: like potential market size, revenue potential, sales process and costs; and provides the supporting research and basis for your first set of estimated revenues and expenses within projected financial statements.  

The basics: 

The Start:  Develop Executive Summary and Business Plan

  * Develop Executive Summary Draft - all edits, adjustments, research and conference calls

  * Expand Executive Summary into Business Plan, with first set of projected financial statements - all edits, adjustments, research and conference calls

  * Provide legal consultation and strategy on business formation, legal issues and capital by and through coordination with your corporate lawyer(s)

  * Provide research, consultation and advice in order to develop the Executive Summary, Business Plan and first set of financials

The Pitch:  Turn Your Business Plan into Cash and Sales. The goal of the business plan and Executive Summary is to raise cash from investors, and pitch your first sales opportunities. 

  * Preparation for first three investor meetings or sales presentations - all edits, adjustments, research and conference calls

  * Preparation of all websites, social media, marketing and promotion to amplify the business plan to investors and clients. 

  * Provide legal consultation and coordination with your corporate lawyer(s). 

  * Provide and support research, consultation and advice to speed the acquisition of capital and sales.

 The Launch: Execute Sales and Business Development Strategies

  * Help develop all sales contracts and sales process protocols

  * Help develop all Talking Points, scripts and collateral materials that will be used by sales and marketing

  * Develop and prioritize the sales targets. 

  * Deliver 2+ new sales meetings per month and all follow-up for every lead brought to you by Lewis Strategic

  * Support all supplied sales meetings and follow-up

  * Weekly reporting on all leads with monthly recap

  * Coordination with all websites, social media, marketing and promotion

  * All training and train the trainer

To get started, call 570.510.7745, or info@LewisStrategic.com